Vintage Rock Magazine UK

June/July 2021 Issue

Well fans it's here! It became the June/July 2021, Issue 51, it's available on the Vintage Rock website at your local Barnes and Noble Bookstore.


Ritchie is featured on the cover of the June/July 2021 Issue with an 8 to10 page spread, commemorating Ritchie’s 80th birthday. Julie Burns the writer said that it’s unusual for them to give this kind of coverage, to an artist, she also spoke of Ritchie’s fan base in the UK and how Ritchie’s considered Rock and Roll Royalty.

The family is very pleased, and has been working closely with Julie. Interview’s with Donna, Lou Diamond Phillips, members of Los Lobos and the family. Lots of photos were provided.

This is a Phenomenal issue!

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