• Ritchie with his older brother Bob

    1958, Pacoima Jr. High. Concert

    On drums Dan Phillips. The live recording later became an album.

    Ritchie’s Mother

    Poses with her sons and daughters in front of a mural at Pacoima Jr. High, where Ritchie attended school. The mural is still there today. Pacoima Middle School as it is now known, takes a lot of pride in Ritchie Valens being their hometown boy. This picture was taken in 1987.


    Performing at Gail Smith Halloween party 1958. Gail later started a Ritchie Valens Memorial Fan Club.

    Go Johnny Go

    Sandy Stewart, Ritchie Valens, 1959

    Watch Ritchie Valens in Go Johnny Go


    La Bamba

    One of many celebrations. Pictured Concha, Ritchie’s mom, producer Taylor Hackford, writer/director Luis Valdez, his brother Daniel and Taylor’s assistant Andrea.

    Interview with the family

    Picture taken by the Registrar Pajoronian in Watsonville for the Winter Dance Party concert.

    Irma, Bob Keane & Connie

    Ritchie’s sisters pictured with Bob Keane, Ritchie’s manager. Celebrating Bob’s 50 years of music in Hollywood, CA.

    Concha and Roseana DeSoto

    Ritchie’s mom Concha and Roseana DeSoto who portrayed her in La Bamba. The two became close during the filming.


    Performing at El Monte Legion Stadium.

    Bob, Connie, Irma

    Waiting for Mario to perform at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA.


    Pacoima Jr. High picture.

    Ritchie & Donna

    Ritchie's Graduation

    Ritchie & Bob Keane

    Bob Keane, record producer and label owner, discovered Ritchie Valens

    Ritchie & Chuck Barry

    Ritchie Playing

    Ritchie & Gil Rocha

    San Francisco, CA.

    Ritchie, Winter Dance Party

    Kato Ballroom, Mankato
    January 29 1959


    Kenosha, Wiscontin

    Ritchie & Cousin Debra Martinez


    Rocks out to La Bamba with Ritchie impersonator Fernando Vega.

    La Bamba

    The orchard on Southside Road in Hollister, CA. The early scenes of La Bamba were shot here in the distance. The water tower that was used for the shower scene.

    Mama & Bob Keane

    Big Bopper, Jr.

    Performing “Someone Watching over me” at the Tribute to Ritchie Valens Winter Dance Party in 2005 at the Henry J. Mello Center in Watsonville.

    Ritchie's Star

    Walk of Fame

    Ritchie's Star

    North side of the 6700 block of Hollywood Boulevard.

    Ritchie's Star

    Connie's grandson

    Crashsite Memorial


    Crashsite Memorial

    Connie, Kristen




    Connie & her grandkids


    Connie's grandkids

    Memorial Concert

    Mama & Bob Keane


    Connie, Irma, Bob, Mario

    Pre Winter Dance

    Connie, Irma, Mario

    Surf Ballroom


    Irma & Lou Diamond Phillips

    Lou starred as Ritchie Valens in the biographical drama film La Bamba

    Albert Lee & Connie

    Winter Dance Party 2017, it's become our tradition