Hi-Tone 5

Bob was born in Los Angeles and he and Mama had a special love for each other that neither time nor circumstances could change.

Bob also had a special connection to Ritchie in that they were both driven people; one by life and one by music. Bob was asked about the way he was portrayed in the movie, La Bamba, and after thinking for a moment, he said, “They made me look good.” Bob and his wife Joanie make their home on the central coast of California. Bob is still in touch with Luis Valdez, the screenwriter and director of La Bamba.

His many passions include his children and grandchildren and, yes, he still rides his motorcycle.

Bob has family ties, through his granddaughter, with the band, Los Lonely Boys, and he attends many of their concerts.

Today, Bob is an icon in his own right and to many he is known as La Bamba Bob. He makes personal appearances from time to time and has enjoyed being included in several car and biker magazines.

Bob Bob
Bob In Memoriam, Robert Morales aka "La Bamba Bob" March 9,1937- September 15, 2018

Thank you to family friend Peterson David for his assistance in writing the biographies for the family.