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Did Ritchie really wear the necklace talisman.

Was Ritchie afraid to fly.

La Bamba, how factual was the movie?

What happened to Rosie?

What about the trip to Tijuana?

Did Ritchie speak Spanish?

Where is Donna?

Who was little Suzie in the song "That's my Little Suzie"?

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No, that was some dramatic license. They thought it would add some interest. Mama taught us to have faith in God.

No, it was not an obsession for Ritchie. In the 1950ís flying was not as common as it is today. Everyone was a little nervous in a plane.

The family worked closely with the writer and producers. Sharing their stories. Especially mama and Bob. Mama made it clear that the story of her son would be told truthfully and with dignity. Taylor Hackford made that happen. Yes, all the family was happy with the movie.

Rosie resides in the San Fernando Valley, surrounded by her children and grandchildren. She took an active role with the committee to induct Ritchie into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The family stays in touch.

Yes, there was a trip to Tijuana but it was a family trip with his Tia Lelo and Tia Ernestine, Bob and Rosie. It was not as the movie portrayed.

Some, he mostly understood mama when she spoke to him in Spanish and he would answer in English. He spoke Spanglish.

Donna lives in the Sacramento are. She had a successful career and has grown children. More on Donna in the coming weeks.

Ritchie's mother had a friend who had a child born with a club foot. Suzie, she was the sweetest of little girls, big brown eyes and a beautiful smile and when she walked she rocked to the left and rocked to the right. "That's my Little Suzie" is Suzie's song.
On Ritchie's first album "That's my Little Suzie" was listed as "I got a Gal Named Sue". It was changed later why? Probably because it was a better title for the song.